About IDC

Центральный офис Интерднестрком

Joint Stock Company "Interdnestrcom" (IDC) is the largest telecommunications operator on the territory of Transnistria.

The main activities of the company today are:

  • mobile connection
  • local telephone communication, long distance and international communication
  • Internet access
  • television

Company "Interdnestrcom" began its activity in 1998 with the deployment of one of the most promising and rapidly developing systems of an integrated mobile communication network based on CDMA-2000 technology in the territory of Transnistria . Having started its work as a mobile operator, at the moment the company "Interdnestrcom" is an universal telecommunications operator, one of the few telecom operators in the entire post-Soviet space, which provides its subscribers with the most complete range of modern telecom services.

By the end of the year 2020 the penetration level of cellular communication services in Transnistria has amounted to 75%, and this puts our republic among the most developed telecommunication markets in the world.

Network infrastructure, unique in scope and capacity, is the basis of technological advantage

  • 130 base LTE stations
  • 14 official representative offices of the company
  • 2765 km length of the fiber optic cable network
  • 100 Gbps bandwidth of the backbone optical network
  • 76027 GB average traffic consumption per day (for optics)

The mission of the company is to provide subscribers with the most modern telecommunication services of the highest quality.

Contact us:

IDC Head Office
JSC «Interdnestrcom»
Address: 41, Vosstaniya str
MD-3300, Tiraspol
Moldova (Transnistria region)
Tel.: (+ 373 533) 5-77-01
Fax.: (+ 373 533) 5-77-11