Promotion “Change to VoLTE”

Change to service plan “Smart”, “Active”, “Light” and get up to 5 gigabytes of internet or 75 minutes every month. The promotion is available when changing from packages “Simple”, “Svoboda”, “IDC”, “Lgotny”, and “Klassny”.
04 Jul 2022

About termination certain service plans

Dear customers! We inform you that the following service plans will no longer be available as of 16.01.2023: “Simple”, “Svoboda”, “IDC”, “Lgotny/Lgotny SMS”, “Klassny”, “Mobilink” and “Pl@nshet”.
04 Jul 2022

Save life together

Dear customers! In terms of a charity project “Save life together” we continue to collect money for Yasinski Eugene Vadimovich, born 2002. Eugene needs expensive medical care for nasopharyngeal cancer that is treated in Istanbul, Turkey. Now Eugene is already in Istanbul with his mother and he is in need of financial help and support.
04 Jul 2022

eSIM - innovations in your smartphone.

What is eSIM? eSIM (Embedded SIM) is a digital SIM card embedded in a smartphone. It allows you to register in the operator's network using a code without a physical SIM card.

SMART - make your mobile communication tariff!

The new SMART mobile communication tariff - set the tariff in the way that is convenient for you, pay for what you really use! In the SMART tariff you can choose the required number of minutes for calls, gigabytes for mobile Internet, connect unlimited options to social networks, Messenger Apps, as well as to the PORTAL online cinema!

Package "Active" without limit!

Please welcome the first VoLTE tariff with unlimited mobile Internet!
01 Oct 2021

Traffic for authorization in "My IDC"

Download and use the "My IDC" application for free and get 5GB of mobile internet traffic. We give bonuses for the initial authorization in the mobile application.

Summer price cut!

Already today you can buy a new smartphone at the best price!

"Change with VoLTE" promotion!

Change technology to VoLTE and get a discount on your mobile phone purchase.

Watch PORTAL for 1 ruble!

Test 14 days of subscription for only 1 ruble at the PORTAL online cinema.

09 Sep 2021

Promotion! We present traffic for Auto payment!

Top up your account and get additional megabytes of internet traffic.

02 Sep 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 on the Center Market website

Samsung Galaxy S21 on the Center Market website is available from 631 rubles.

01 Sep 2021

The Internet has become even faster - new tariffs

From June, 10th , IDC introduces new tariff plans for subscribers of "optics" and ADSL.

A new high-speed Internet package Optics "Stream" is available for individuals. Data transfer rate up to 300 Mbps. The package includes 270 IPTV channels, the Archive and Video Library service, game servers, and the free Portal service.

01 Jun 2021

Online cinema PORTAL - your own world of entertainment and leisure

PORTAL is a new video entertainment service for the whole family. Cinema for every taste, cartoons, popular TV series, novelties from the world's leading film studios.

11 May 2021

"Safe Internet" for your children - expanding the functionality

For your convenience and to ensure the safety of your children in the digital space, we are expanding the functionality of the "Safe Internet" service. Soon "Safe Internet" will work in a new additional mode "Full blocking".

22 Apr 2021