Connection to IPTV.

To watch IPTV you have to:

  1. Check the technical feasibility of providing the service
    • By phone 1198;
    • At any IDC Contact Center.

  2. Get a response from the operator of the company You will be informed about the test results in one of the following ways:
    • In person, when ordering a service at the IDC Call Center;
    • By phone, to the specified contact wired phone number.
    In case of a positive test result, the subscriber have to:

  3. Apply for IP-Television connection by the following way:
    • By contacting the nearest IDC Contact Center
    • In your Personal Account, if you are a user of Internet access from IDC.
    To watch IPTV on a computer monitor you need to purchase an ADSL modem [router], to watch IPTV on a TV you need to purchase an ADSL modem (router) and a set-top box.

  4. Pay for the ordered service package and purchase the necessary equipment.
    • Internet access is required to view on a PC monitor.
    • For viewing on TV - set-top box and subscriber Internet equipment are required.
    Access to the IP-Television service is made using the login and password, which are given to the subscriber in the Contact Center when ordering the service on a special form. Also, the subscriber can see their login and password in the Personal Account.

  5. Connect and configure the equipment, authorize the system. The configuration at the initial connection and authorization will be performed by a company engineer free of charge.

Connection to DTV.

Special offer - a decoder at a cost of 1 ruble!

You can purchase a digital decoder, as well as the necessary antenna equipment for 1 ruble. You don't even need to go to the Contact Center! It is enough to call 1198, and our specialists will come to you, bring the necessary equipment and configure it.

  1. You can check the technical feasibility of providing the service by the following ways:
    • By phone 1198
    • At any IDC Contact Center
    • On the site

  2. You can get a response from the operator of the company:
    • In person, when ordering a service
    • By phone to the specified contact number.

  3. You can purchase a decoder and an access card, conclude an agreement, or use the special offer “Decoder at a cost of 1 ruble” in the nearest Contact Center.

  4. How to connect and configure the decoder.

The subscriber can do the initial configuration of the equipment on their own, or use the services of the company's engineer for free, ordering them from the operator when buying a decoder.