Landline connection

Have you decided to install the phone? We will install your phone using wired access technologies.

How to place an order

To subscribe to IDC wireline communication, you have to visit IDC Communication Center or call 1198.

How to check technical feasibility

The availability of free numbers on the telephone exchange and subscriber lines is considered a technical possibility.

How to draw up a contract

Upon availability of technical capability, the applicant is invited to the Contact Center to conclude an agreement on the provision of local telephone network services and pay for the cost of installing the telephone.

Line connection

After signing the Agreement on the provision of local telephone network services, as agreed with the applicant, the company employee installs a telephone within a period of no more than 3 working days for multi-storey buildings in urban settlements, no more than 5 working days for the private sector of urban settlements and no more than 7 workers days for rural settlements.