National and international connection


Favorable rates

Long-distance and international communication IDC services are provided at tariffs affordable for all users. Various tariff plans, preferential time intervals, a system of discounts, taking into account the needs of users, are provided for the convenience of subscribers.

Modern network

The network of CJSC "Interdnestrcom" is completely digital. It develops in response to rapidly growing customer requirements.

High quality communication

The network provides advanced call routing, which means that your call "goes" to the recipient through the shortest and least congested channel. As a result, subscribers receive long-distance and international communication of the highest quality:

Ease of use

The use of our services is available from any phone and using the simplest dialing procedure.

Additional services

Thanks to the open architecture and unique internal routing, the digital network of CJSC "Interdnestrcom" has a huge potential for the introduction of additional services, such as data transmission, information and reference services, integration with cellular communications, and all that kind.