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Connection to Fiber Optics

Initial connection cost - from 0 rubles

The cost of migrating from ADSL access technology to "optics" - from 0 rubles.

Equipment for 1 ruble upon signing a 2-year contract.

If it is necessary to build a subscriber input from 1 m to 250 m,the cost of the service is 448 rubles.

Do You want to connect? Call 1198.

The call is free!

To complete the application, inform the operator of the contact center the following information: full name, installation address and contact phone number.

In the Personal Account

Without visiting the Contact Center and wasting time in the queue, You can apply for a change of technology from ADSL to "optics" in your Personal Account.

At any IDC Contact Center

To complete an application for connection to "optics" or change of technology in the Contact Center, you need your identity card.

Connection to "ADSL"

Attention! There is a single tariff for connecting new subscribers using ADSL technology – It is free!

  1. How to check the technical connectivity

    You can get information about technical connectivity at any IDC Contact Center or by calling 1198.

    Initial connection, without preliminary testing of the line, is carried out to Mini + packages.

  2. Execution of the contract and purchase of equipment. After confirming the technical feasibility, you have to draw up a contract and purchase the necessary equipment.
  3. Payment for services

    When the contract is drawn up, you are immediately issued an invoice for payment:

    • Order form [tariff plan, add. services, etc.].
    • Equipment [if the equipment is purchased from a provider].

  4. Connecting and configuring equipment Within 5 working days [for cities] or 7 working days [for rural areas] after the day of payment for services, your line will be activated. The equipment will be configured by IDC specialists free of charge.