Auto payment

Беспроводной домашний телефон с выходом в сеть Интернет!

To simplify the payment for communication services, we have launched a new service - "Auto Payment", which is available to all users of the "My IDC" mobile application!

Auto payment in "My IDC" is:

It is easy to connect the “Auto Payment” service:

  1. Update the mobile application "My IDC" to version 2.1.49 and higher;
  2. Launch the application and click on the yellow "Wallet" button on the main screen ;
  3. Add your bank card, in case if you have not already added it, and click the "Auto payment" button;
  4. In the lower right corner click on the "+" button and configure the auto payment parameters at your discretion;
  5. Check and confirm your chosen settings again;
  6. That's it, auto payment has been set up! You will be signaled by the "Wallet" button with the "A" label on the main screen.

Entrust the payment for communication services to the application, and then your phone, Internet and TV will be paid on time!