Traffic for authorization in "My IDC"

Download and use the "My IDC" application for free and get 5GB of mobile internet traffic. We give bonuses for the initial authorization in the mobile application.

The Internet has become even faster - new tariffs

From June, 10th , IDC introduces new tariff plans for subscribers of "optics" and ADSL.

A new high-speed Internet package Optics "Stream" is available for individuals. Data transfer rate up to 300 Mbps. The package includes 270 IPTV channels, the Archive and Video Library service, game servers, and the free Portal service.


"Safe Internet" for your children - expanding the functionality

For your convenience and to ensure the safety of your children in the digital space, we are expanding the functionality of the "Safe Internet" service. Soon "Safe Internet" will work in a new additional mode "Full blocking".